• Retail Worker Bill Of Rights — A Tale Of Two Cities
    Retail Worker Bill Of Rights — A Tale Of Two Cities

    San Francisco is well known for having employee-friendly local ordinances. So it was of little surprise when it became the first U.S. city to require employers to provide additional compensation to retail workers related to what it viewed as poor industry scheduling practices. San Francisco’s Formula Retail Employee Rights Ordinances (commonly known as “Retail Worker’s Bill of Rights”) imposed new, predictive scheduling requirements on employers designed to ensure employees were provided with reasonable notice of their schedule.

  • Utilizing Feature Recognition As A Sales And Marketing Tool For Asset Protection Teams
    Utilizing Feature Recognition As A Sales And Marketing Tool For Asset Protection Teams

    Retail places emphasis on loss prevention techniques which help companies recover losses. With criminals continually developing more sophisticated ways of stealing company assets — internally and externally — business has had to respond. Technology has been used to make detection techniques better and recovery easier.

  • Only The Analytical Survive: A New Era In Retail
    Only The Analytical Survive: A New Era In Retail

    Retail has always been in the forefront of business intelligence (BI). From the days of on-premises machines to today’s cloud-based solutions, retail has looked for new ways learn about their customers and discover new ways to serve them.

  • Want Your Site To Stay Up And Running? Please, Be Redundant

    The widespread adoption of public cloud services by businesses of all types has raised awareness of how dependent we are all on these services. Ten years ago, an outage on a cloud storage service would not have made front-page news, whereas the recent Amazon S3 outage made headlines due to its significant, widespread impact.

  • 5 Critical Wi-Fi Mistakes You Might Be Making

    We’ve reached the point where most people carry at least one Wi-Fi-enabled device at all times. According to Cisco’s 2016 VNI report, by 2021, more than 540 million public hotspots are expected to be online to support smart devices worldwide. And by now, most retail organizations have realized offering a reliable Wi-Fi network for guests is a fundamental cost of doing business. But, Wi-Fi has become way more than just a tool used to connect to the internet. You can’t just “set it and forget it” if you want to truly benefit from your wireless network.

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  • Retail Trends In 2017: The Year Of Evolution

    The trends this year retailers really need to focus on won’t be around the hottest new technologies or latest fads. Instead, companies that focus on delivering consistent, engaging customer experiences will set themselves up for long-term success. But in order to run your business successfully and provide the brand experiences shoppers expect, you must first have the right foundational systems in place.

  • Discount Pricing Strategies: Optimising Operational, Merchandising & Promotional Plans

    Amid price wars, promotional fatigue and ever decreasing margins, new research confirms UK retailers are selling an increasingly large proportion of inventory off at discounted prices. This is good news for consumers, who have become accustomed to searching out bargains during the likes of discount events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, this trend is having negative impact on the UK retail’s bottom line.

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  • Retail Planning
    Retail Planning

    Retalon Planning Solutions are part of one Integrated Solution for Intelligent Retailing that is based on the common Predictive Analytic Platform. This allows the system to account for all mutual dependences of the company Planning and Execution processes, provide users with very high accuracy of each prediction, optimize the entire process, and achieve significant, tangible benefits for the entire organization.

  • Predictive Analytics For Omni Channel Retailing
    Predictive Analytics For Omni Channel Retailing

    Retalon’s approach to Predictive Analytics for Retailers is truly integrated which significantly increases accuracy and results.

  • Price & Markdown Optimization
    Price & Markdown Optimization

    Retalon’s Dynamic Price Management system is built on a powerful Predictive Analytics engine. This system will automatically monitor your entire retail process, uncover hidden opportunities, and recommend the most advantageous pricing strategies. The system significantly reduces inventory costs and boosts gross margins.

  • Inter-Store Inventory & Assortment Balancing
    Inter-Store Inventory & Assortment Balancing

    The Right Product at the Right Store at the Right Time.

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  • Less Is More: Why Online Niche Retailers Are Winning
    Less Is More: Why Online Niche Retailers Are Winning

    Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report garners a lot of publicity — and with good reason. Meeker takes an exhaustive look at where the Internet is going: from mobile commerce trends to the online shopping habits of people around the world.

  • Why Retail Is Turning To Document Management
    Why Retail Is Turning To Document Management

    Retail is turning to document management for a number of reasons, but the first reason we tend to think of is electronic document management systems are a means of helping offices go paperless. The paperless office is no longer out of reach for technological reasons, but rather behavioral reasons. This means any organization that decides to get a leg up on the competition through proper training and throughput will gain significant advantage over competitors.

  • Why Loyalty Programs Could Be The Tipping Point For Mobile Payments
    Why Loyalty Programs Could Be The Tipping Point For Mobile Payments

    Mobile wallets have been around for years now, and industry experts have called them The Next Big Thing in payments for their entire existence. But adoption rates have never quite matched up to the enthusiasm and excitement—while mobile wallet share is increasing month to month, it's still dwarfed by physical card transactions.

  • 119 Facts You Don’t Know About Email Marketing

    Email marketing has been around for a while, and for those who do not know, it is worth pointing out that it represents the practice of sending commercial messages to a group of people via email. It represents a smart marketing strategy that can help build brand awareness, trust and loyalty, while also increasing the percentage of conversions and of revisiting users.

  • How To Avoid Cultural Potholes On The Road To Global Expansion
    How To Avoid Cultural Potholes On The Road To Global Expansion

    The business headlines are littered with tales of global expansion gone awry. While the reasons behind the struggles are complex, there is a common thread in these experiences: Missing the cultural differences and needs of the target market.

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