White Paper

3 Critical Components To Achieving The Perfect Order

Source: NetSuite

Retailers must constantly meet and exceed ever-changing customer expectations. It’s what keeps shoppers coming back to your business. Delivering on customer expectations comes from the ability to complete the perfect order: Getting the right products delivered at the best price, when and where they want. For merchants, the perfect order means accomplishing this at the optimal cost and efficiency. By achieving the perfect order, merchants will delight customers with the ultimate, omnichannel experience of buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and return anywhere and operate an efficient and profitable business. Unfortunately, too many retailers don’t possess these capabilities.

Many retailers are still cobbling together legacy, channel specific  systems  and  spreadsheets.  The  manual  steps to connect them all creates duplicate data riddled with errors. For the merchant, this is a costly system to man- age that hinders growth and squeezes the bottom line. Customers suffer too. Late orders, wrong orders and the inability to offer convenient and low-cost and rapid fulfillment options will drive customers to your competition.

So how do retailers execute the perfect order? Here are three key components that go into building a strategy to provide seamless, omnichannel experiences that profit the business.