Guest Column | November 7, 2018

Get Ready For The Holidays With Great Product Content

By Dave Feinleib, Content Analytics

Retail Holiday ECommerce Sales

With December around the corner, retailers are looking for quick and easy solutions to boost their e-commerce game in time for the holiday season. In fact, 47 percent of consumers plan to start their shopping well before the holidays, so brands and retailers need strategies that can move the needle before it’s too late.

Great product content can make all the difference. And with the right tools, brands can quickly update their digital presence. Here’s more on what we’re seeing leading clients do to drive digital sales this holiday season:

  • Optimize product descriptions. Product descriptions inform shoppers about your products, but they serve another purpose too. Search engines like Google and on-site search engines on retailer websites read these product descriptions to identify relevant products to show to shoppers. The more optimized a product description is for what shoppers are searching for, the more likely that product will appear in a shopper’s search results.
  • Complete product attributes. Product attributes like size, color nutrition data, features and specifications determine whether items appear in results when users filter for those attributes. For example, if a user filters results down to “4K TVs” or “organic” baby food, only those items with the relevant attributes will appear. This can significantly help brands that have complete attribute data—but hurt those that don’t.
  • Add multiple high-res images. Images are the digital substitute for interacting with a product in a physical store. Without great product images, shoppers are less likely to convert; with great images they’re not only more likely to purchase, but they also tend to return fewer products since they’re getting exactly what they expect to.
  • Upload engaging videos. Videos are a way to set your products apart from the crowd. Videos can showcase your products in real-world situations and tell your story in a way that text and images just can’t do.
  • Rich content. Leading brands are increasing engagement with other forms of rich media beyond videos through their use of Amazon A+ and Walmart Rich Media content. Both Amazon and Walmart have open platforms that enable brands to use a number of different providers to create and submit rich media.

The Right Tools

In order to make all these content updates happen fast, brands need to use the right tools. Legacy content management solutions only help organize product content, but they don’t help update it on retailer websites. Fortunately, modern systems are designed with syndication in mind and make it easy to update content on Amazon, Walmart, Target and the eCommerce sites of many other retailers.

You no longer need to edit product copy in spreadsheets or scroll through image after image in a file browser. Nor do you need to learn each retailer’s portal, upload mechanisms and individual requirements. Today’s tools can interface with all these different systems for you, saving you valuable time in the process.

These tools come with easy to use editing, image conversion, and content submission capabilities. Some have analytics built-in, streamlining the process even further with automated auditing that lets you know when your content has gone live on a retailer’s site (and perhaps more importantly, alerting you if it hasn’t).

The great news about product content is that it’s a fast and easy way to make a big difference in your holiday sales and beyond. Even better news is that tools are now available to help you manage and optimize complex eCommerce workflows. That means you can scale your operations to sell more not only this holiday season but into next year and beyond as well.

About The AuthorDave Feinleib, Content Analytics

David Feinleib is the author of Bricks to Clicks and CEO of Content Analytics, the leader in eCommerce product content management and analytics. For more information, contact David at