Webinar | July 24, 2013

Going Mobile In A Multi Channel World

Celerant Case Study
Click here to download this Mobile POS and Promotions Case Study.

Small to mid-size retailers are struggling to compete in a world dominated by the big-box retailers. Tennis Plaza, a 5-location specialty retailer focusing on tennis equipment and apparel, is leveraging new technologies to grow their brand and better the customer experience. Quintin Valiente, marketing manager with Tennis Plaza, will be discussing:

  • How mobile POS is allowing the company to capitalize on events and promotions.
  • Why the integration of e-commerce and brick-and-mortar transactions is so important to inventory visibility.
  • How an overhaul of the e-commerce site has led to rapid sales growth.
  • How each of these technology upgrades are improving the customer experience and driving sales.

Additionally, Mike Import, Senior Sales Executive with Celerant Technology will discuss how retail is undergoing a major technological shift. Mobile applications are becoming standard for retailers; a three-year prediction for mobile use in retail is 80% penetration. This forecast is not surprising given how effective, efficient, and economical mobile applications are. Empowering employees with mobile devices can improve customer service, increase productivity, and reduce hardware and upgrade costs.

Going Mobile in a Multi Channel World

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