Article | April 19, 2018

How To Ensure You Don't Lose To Amazon

Source: NetSuite

By Ranga Bodla, Head of Industry Marketing, NetSuite Oracle

Amazon Box

For many businesses, a core determining factor in their future is the answer to one simple question: Is Amazon a friend or foe?

Digital transformation is permeating every industry, fueled in part in the retail and distribution sectors by Amazon’s rise. Companies who refuse to adapt and recognize their customer’s needs and embrace today’s technology are being out-innovated and risk being wiped off the map completely.

In Oracle NetSuite’s recent webinar Amazon: Friend or FoeDirk Beveridge, Founder of UnleashWD, Ian Heller President and Chief Operating Officer at Modern Distribution Management, joined me to discuss how to stay competitive and relevant in today’s Amazon world.

Put your customer first… in ways that nobody else can

From the beginning, Jeff Bezos made it clear that Amazon puts its customers first. “We’re not competitor-obsessed; we’re customer-obsessed,” he said in 2013. “We start with customers, and we work backwards.” Amazon’s emphasis on customer satisfaction over profitability is shaking up the business world, and companies that don’t follow suit are setting themselves up to lose to the giant. Secure a win by exploring innovative ways to bring value to your customers: What are you willing to pay for that purely digital companies aren’t?