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How To Develop A Cyber Security Practice
Guest Column | By Alfred Rolington, GDPR Advisory Board

Increasing press coverage of ransomware attacks and fines for noncompliance are driving awareness and urgency. Even the slow adopter business owners and managers know something needs to be done to limit their corporate risks and individual exposure, and time isn’t on their side. What tools are necessary, how to integrate it into the IT services offering, how to market it? What are the best ways to go about developing sound cyber-security policies and practices in 2018 that could be used for commercial gain as well as internal commercial security? Here are some recommendations.

Retail Operations Insights
How Retailers Can Better Prepare To Service The Customer
A conversation with Anand Janefalkar, UJET, Inc. and Fadi ElTall, Noon Home

UJET, Inc. founder and CEO Anand Janefalkar and founder and Noon Home Head of Customer Support and Insights Fadi ElTall spoke with Retail Operations Insights about customer experience, consumer loyalty, and the future of retail.

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