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Getting ERP Right The First Time: Achieve Your Goals While Avoiding Common Problems
Guest Column | By Rick Goree, Point B

While sales are going strong, success rates for ERP programs are not. Gartner states that three quarters of ERP projects fail to meet their objectives. And, 40 percent cause major operational disruption after going live, according to Panorama Consulting’s 2015 ERP survey. With numbers like that, it’s a simple leap to assume that ERP systems aren’t bringing value to the business.

Retail Operations Insights
How To Create An Environment Of Success For Millennial Hourly Workers
Guest Column | By Atif Siddiqi, Branch Messenger

Today’s young crop of workers are tech-savvy, resilient, and emboldened by progressive viewpoints on corporate brands and philosophies. Just as important, if not more important, is working for a company that aligns with a millennial’s values.

How To Prepare For IoT's Disruption Of Customer Fulfillment And Collaboration
White Paper | Radial

IoT is disrupting customer fulfillment in areas of order generation and tracking. Internet connected things are becoming customers in their own right. Supply chain leaders can learn from this research how leading companies are navigating the integration of IoT into customer fulfillment processes.

In Case You Missed It
Customer Loyalty — Your Most Important Business Success Metric
Guest Column | By Chad Storlie, Combat To Corporate

Business is besieged with metrics. Return on investment (ROI), website visits, website return visits, shopping cart abandonment rates, and average customer spend are all important and well-used metrics to evaluate the success of a business. As with all business problems, everyone agrees that metrics are vitally important. What no one can agree on is which metrics are the most important. Until now.

6 Months Into The GDPR: Is Retail Ready?
Guest Column | By Ivan Ivanov, Access Partnership

While early EU General Data Protection Regulation enforcement has focused on big tech companies, retailers can’t get comfortable. The law applies to all organizations processing consumer data of EU citizens, regardless of the company’s location or sector. In short, the GDPR has established unprecedented regulatory attention on companies, and retailers must understand their obligations and exposure to liability.

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