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Vendor Management: The Key To Operational Success
Guest Column | By Roy E. Hadley, Jr., Adams & Reese

Most businesses use vendors in some form or fashion. Whether it is the small coffee shop that has a vendor that delivers goods from the distributor or a multinational healthcare company that has thousands of vendors, the success of the vendor relationship is key to the success of these businesses. How companies manage these vendor relationships can be fraught with peril if not properly executed and managed. This article will attempt to set forth some of the key areas that I have found in successful vendor relationships in my work over the years.

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Turning High-Risk Digital Gift Cards Into Profit
Webinar | Brett Glass, GCI, an Incomm company; KC Fox, Radial; and DJ Murphy, CardNotPresent, Radial

With an expected increase in digital gift card sales projected, it’s essential for retailers to have the right fraud management strategies in place to tap into this lucrative market, while minimizing risk. View this webinar to uncover actionable strategies to turn high-risk digital gift cards into profit.

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The Next Big Retail Disruptor: What You Need To Know About Product Experience Management
Guest Column | By Polly Gleneck, Edgenet

Many brick-and-mortar retailers are yet to recover from the first online retail revolution, and another is already underway.

A High-Tech Solution To Long-Standing Problem
Guest Column | By Gorm Tuxen, IPsens, LLC

Free parking at retail centers can present an irresistible temptation to people who live and work in surrounding businesses and neighborhoods where parking lots and garages charge an hourly rate. This was the challenge facing Assembly Row, a large mixed-use project just outside Boston, and to combat it they implemented an integrated wireless parking solution that utilizes wireless in-ground parking sensors to manage the free parking.

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