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Streamlining Unified Commerce Complexity

Source: NetSuite
Retail In-Store Geolocation

Managing the Shopping Experience Across All Channels by Using A Comprehensive, Cloud-based Commerce Platform

The reason omnichannel technology has been adopted so widely in retail is that it places an emphasis squarely where it should always have been—on the shopper. This is notable because it represents a shift away from the traditional emphasis on POS, merchandise planning, supply chain and all the other inward-looking systems. Instead, omnichannel commerce requires retailers to be outward- looking, to focus on customer needs, wants and behaviors. However, omnichannel retailing is easy to describe and difficult to achieve. The problem is that omnichannel services and functions touch so many systems in the retail enterprise that reconfiguring them requires a major overhaul that encompasses a long list of updates, upgrades and replacements. NetSuite, which was recently acquired by Oracle, is one of the original (if not the original) cloud-based omnichannel platform providers. Its deep understanding of the challenges facing retailers today is due to its background as a cloud-based ERP pioneer and an innovative software company that has filled out its retail platform with a broad range of customer-centric applications. “We are known as a cloud-based ERP provider, which is a strong suit for us, but our actual value proposition, our big idea, goes beyond ERP,” says Branden Jenkins, GM of Global Retail at NetSuite.

“What we offer is a system to run your business and the foundation for delivering a great customer experience.”