Webinar | October 5, 2016

WFM In 2016: Cloud, Compliance, And Collaboration

Data Governance, Security Concerns Drive Adoption Of Private Cloud Solutions

Innovative Retail Technologies’ most recent survey of retail execs finds a market ripe for the adoption of cloud-based workforce management applications, tepid confidence in workforce compliance, and increasing collaboration among HR, store ops, and associates.

Did you know…

  • Among merchants with fewer than 500 stores, just 21 percent of executives said they’re “extremely” confident that their companies are ACA-compliant across HR, payroll, benefits enrollment, time records, and workforce schedules.
  • While SaaS application adoption surges in most industries, 61 percent of merchants report that the cloud is delivering less than 20 percent of their enterprise software applications.
  • 35 percent of retailers cite “creating an in-store experience that’s as engaging as the consumer’s online/digital experience” as their top employee engagement challenge.

These high-level findings from our latest research underscore a significant opportunity to leverage HCM and WFM applications to simultaneously improve store operations and customer experiences. Join IRT Senior Executive Editor Matt Pillar and Hibbett Sports Director of Operations Planning & Communications Terry McElroy on Tuesday, October 4 at 2:00 ET for an insightful look into these findings. Pillar will share brand new data from our study of more than 150 retail executives, while McElroy relates those findings to the success of next-gen WFM applications at Hibbett.

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