Customer Engagement Featured Articles

  1. AI And The Digital Disruption To Retail Merchandising

    While there are lots of techniques that fall under the definition of AI, the buzz lately has been overwhelmingly driven by advances in Machine Learning algorithms. So, when people are talking about AI transforming retail, what they usually are referring to are advances in machine learning unlocking huge value.

  2. A High-Tech Solution To Long-Standing Problem

    Free parking at retail centers can present an irresistible temptation to people who live and work in surrounding businesses and neighborhoods where parking lots and garages charge an hourly rate. This was the challenge facing Assembly Row, a large mixed-use project just outside Boston, and to combat it they implemented an integrated wireless parking solution that utilizes wireless in-ground parking sensors to manage the free parking.

  3. Why (The Right) Chatbot Is Your Right-Hand Man This Holiday Season

    Online shopping can actually be quite stressful but leveraging a chatbot with strong functionalities can relieve shoppers of these stresses and make shopping productive, timely, and enjoyable once more.

  4. Parking’s Frictionless Future Has Arrived

    Parking has often posed significant challenges for developers and property owners. In the past, it hasn’t always been easy to provide the most convenient, customer-friendly experience while keeping parking manageable and profitable. The good news is those challenges are now things of the past because of the introduction of frictionless parking.

  5. A Glimpse Into The Future Of Retail Tech

    EY wavespace™ is a global growth and innovation network where digital communities are brought together to help clients explore new operating models and emerging technologies that can transform their businesses. wavespace’s focus areas include, but are not limited to, artificial intelligence, analytics, blockchain, customer experience, the Internet of Things, user experience, and both virtual and augmented reality. Woody Driggs, EY Americas Advisory Digital Transformation Wavespace Leader, took time to speak with Retail Operations Insights about how these technologies relate to retail, as well as what trends retailers should be aware of.

  6. Black Friday Doldrums: Why U.S. Consumers Are Shopping From Home

    The convenience of couch-shopping continues to disrupt what used to be America’s biggest in-store shopping day of the year, as a growing number of people turn in their physical shopping carts for online icons on Black Friday. Notorious for its aggressive consumer behavior, Black Friday is no longer the brick-and-mortar extravaganza it was even a few years ago, as more shoppers move online.

  7. Get Ready For The Holidays With Great Product Content

    With December around the corner, retailers are looking for quick and easy solutions to boost their e-commerce game in time for the holiday season. Great product content can make all the difference and with the right tools, brands can quickly update their digital presence.

  8. Holiday Ready? Top Retailers Ramp Up Same-Day Delivery Nationwide

    With over 30 percent of customers wanting express delivery for the holidays, retailers will need to fire up their supply chains to meet peak demand. The last-minute urgency of holiday shopping, combined with record-setting e-commerce sales, are together pushing customer demand for next-day and same-day delivery through the roof.

  9. Inside The Mind Of A Serial Retail Entrepreneur

    Retail Operations Insights recently sat down with serial entrepreneur Stacey Boyd to talk about her latest venture. Olivela is a luxury fashion platform offering unique styles from the world's best designers with 20 percent of proceeds from every sale directly benefiting the education of girls worldwide. Here’s what she had to say about this cool initiative.

  10. What Are Consumers Telling Us About Black Friday?

    Regardless of stating a clear intention to participate in Black Friday, consumers appear to be keeping their options wide open when it comes to exactly which items they will buy — and from whom.