Data Security Featured Articles

  1. How To Develop A Cyber Security Practice

    The potential business revenue from rising compliance requirements and security threats is hard to ignore. The increasing press coverage of ransomware attacks and fines for non-compliance is driving awareness and urgency. Even the slow adopter business owners and managers know something needs to be done to limit their corporate risks and individual exposure, and time isn’t on their side. What tools are necessary, how to integrate it into the IT services offering, how to market it? What are the best ways to go about developing sound cyber-security policies and practices in 2018 that could be used for commercial gain as well as internal commercial security? Here are some recommendations.

  2. How Retailers Who Connect Their Value Stream Network Can Thrive In The Age Of Software

    While retailers map out their omni-channel and digital strategy, a troubling trend is emerging. The digital transformations intended to stem the tide and allow established retailers to compete in the Age of Software are either moving too slowly or failing. Yet the rate of change in digital platforms, as evidenced by companies like Amazon and Alibaba, is progressing at such speeds that moving slowly is not an option for survival. The problem lies in the way most established retailers are approaching transformation.

  3. Majority Of Business Not Fully Prepared For GDPR

    Despite a two-year grace window companies were allotted to prepare for GDPR compliance when the regulation was first approved in 2016, a recent survey study — GDPR Readiness Survey — shows very few are 100 percent compliant. In fact, the survey found only 29 percent of participants were actually aware of the GDPR; 44 percent said they were somewhat aware; and 29 percent said they were completely unaware.

  4. How To Leverage Data To Create Personal Retail Experiences

    Whether traditional brick and mortar or online, retailers need insights to create the best possible customer experience. Leveraging data is key — here’s what to consider.

  5. Making The Most Of Data Migration

    When organizations embark on major data migration projects, many assume their vendor will do much of the upfront planning, data clean-up, and extracts. After all, that's the way it used to be. But things have changed. Vendors have shifted much of the data migration burden to their customers. Now, to reduce their quotes and shift risks, more software implementers are making data migration their customers' responsibility.

  6. The Perfect Storm Of Data Exploitation

    It is practically indisputable that we are in the midst of a perfect storm for customer data to be stolen, sold, and exploited as evidenced by the outrageous number of breaches, a low amount of concern about data security among millennials, and widespread security blunders in many companies. In the short run, there does not seem to be any improvement on the horizon. I remain, however, optimistic, fueled by some patches of blue sky trying to show through, promising a brighter future. You can call me a dreamer, but I am optimistic breaches will slow significantly in the future. However, there is some bad news: Breaches will continue to increase for the next few years until three improvement areas are addressed.

  7. Retailers Have Three Years To Transform Technology To Stay Competitive

    The most essential tool in the brick and mortar experience are apps to track inventory.

  8. How To Get More From Your Remote Monitoring System

    Effective utilization of remote monitoring can improve your company’s employee productivity and compliance, reduce your losses, and maximize your investment in camera systems.

  9. 6 Tips To Prevent Cybercrime

    Much like with individuals, there are steps companies can take to prevent becoming prey to a criminal’s scams. Stores, online businesses, and merchants can stay privy to the crimes by remaining aware during this risky time of year.

  10. New Study Shows Retail IT Services Market Will Expand To $117 Billion By 2021

    Research demonstrates that retailers are increasingly turning to outside partners for IT services.