Guest Contributors

  1. The Mobile Payments Landscape Is Shifting Fast. Is Your M-Commerce Strategy Ready?

    Despite a lot of talk about mobile payments over the past decade, we’re still way behind many other countries. Right now, in China, for example, there are entire cities where cash is virtually not used and plastic is being used less and less. A recent article from NPR reported that China did $5.5 trillion through mobile payments last year (about 50 times the amount in the U.S.).

  2. Avoid The Black Friday (And Cyber Monday) Blues

    The holiday rush is quickly approaching, and if last year is any indicator of what’s ahead, retail sales are about to skyrocket, beginning with Black Friday. Last year, online sales grew 20% over 2015, and overall retail sales grew 10.5%, reaching $97.7 billion between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31. Black Friday was the top online shopping day ever in the United States last year — until it was surpassed by Cyber Monday sales a few days later.

  3. Better Together: Humans And Robots In The Warehouse

    Amazon isn’t the only company finding common ground for humans and robots in its warehouses. Earlier this year in Tennessee, DHL began testing robots to assist its pickers in order fulfillment. Rather than pushing a bin or cart, the robots work alongside workers, helping them pick out medical devices that need to be shipped quickly. Third-party logistics provider Quiet Logistics Inc., which fulfills online orders for retailers like Bonobos and Zara, uses the same type of mobile robots in one of its warehouses to support its employees.

  4. The Personalization Myth: Why Most Email Programs Suck

    Ask yourself this: Do your customers find your marketing emails useful? Honestly, do they? A statistic I came across from Fluent suggests consumers think marketing emails are consistently useful only 15 percent of the time and not useful nearly 60 percent of the time.

  5. To Generalize Or Outsource: A Decision Every ISV Must Make

    When you’re selling to multi-location retailers, the challenges go beyond the point of sale. The world of retail security, data and payments is growing more complex—all three are blending together in the solutions that your customers expect today. Every ISV has a tough decision to make: They can broaden their focus, or they can keep their attention on their core expertise and partner with a company that helps them in other areas. The two options offer a different set of benefits and challenges.

  6. How Apps Are Being Shadowed By Messaging

    Businesses have prioritized interacting with customers through mobile devices to create stronger relationships. They have even developed their own apps to better communicate with their customers as a personal touch. However, according to PC World, the amount of apps downloaded has decreased by 20 percent in 2016. Are consumers settling with the popular used social media apps and decreasing their need for other apps? On average, consumers hardly download even one app in a month’s time.

  7. 5 Ways To Boost Holiday E-Commerce Sales

    On Cyber Monday (Nov. 27, 2017), NRF estimates over 120 million people in the U.S. will go online to conduct some of their holiday shopping. While most consumers see this day as the beginning of the holiday shopping season, retailers know the season is really the culmination of months of hard work and preparation.

  8. The Retailer’s Code To Developing Long-Term, Loyal Relationships With Customers

    To say the last several years have been tough for retailers would be an understatement. Though recent earning reports indicate slight growth over past quarters, no department store has raised its outlook this year indicating continued caution even amidst an uptick in revenue.

  9. Keeping Branch IT Current

    The branch is a tough, hostile IT environment. The distributed nature of branch IT presents the IT team with a real and unique set of security and compliance challenges that are radically different from the datacenter. This is a problem, as retail branches are often on the front line when it comes to modern cyber-attacks.

  10. How To Leverage Existing Data To Optimize The Customer Experience

    Retailers are under massive pressure from global competition and the rise in both the quantity of e-commerce options and the customer loyalty attained by huge players such as Amazon and Apple. The post-sales support provided by Amazon and polished customer experience offered by Apple are not only synonymous with their brands but, in fact, are a large part of the brand itself.