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  1. How Retailers Who Connect Their Value Stream Network Can Thrive In The Age Of Software

    While retailers map out their omni-channel and digital strategy, a troubling trend is emerging. The digital transformations intended to stem the tide and allow established retailers to compete in the Age of Software are either moving too slowly or failing. Yet the rate of change in digital platforms, as evidenced by companies like Amazon and Alibaba, is progressing at such speeds that moving slowly is not an option for survival. The problem lies in the way most established retailers are approaching transformation.

  2. Going Global: How Crane USA Embraced Data Standards For Omni-Channel Agility

    In today’s highly competitive retail environment, mounting pressure can surround any brand. Consumers want convenience, quality, and transparency. Retailers want to hold their margins. Manufacturers around the globe seek to minimize costs and balance production windows with accelerated turnaround cycles.With rising demand, manual order fulfillment and inventory management processes simply won’t yield success.

  3. How Retailers Can Prepare For 2018 BFCM & 4 Relevant Trends

    As tempting as it may be for any overworked store owner not think the chaotic mess of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s a financial non-starter. There’s just too much money on the table not to make it a real priority and commit to meaningful preparation

  4. Why Retail Needs A Web-Enabled Barcode

    Consumers around the globe are scanning products using their smartphones to learn more about what they want to buy — or what they’ve just purchased. Some manufacturers have responded by adding QR codes and secondary barcodes on packages that connect consumers to more product information. Not only do these extra codes take up valuable label “real estate,” but they may not even contain standardized product identifiers like UPCs, causing confusion when scanning at point-of-sale checkout counters.

  5. The 2 Keys To Standing Out In A Crowded E-Commerce World

    Retailers that cater to those who are shoppers (not just consumers), need to craft experiences around the act of shopping as a hobby or a way to spend time — especially as more and more buying happens online. How can that be accomplished? Focus your platform around personalization and gamification.

  6. Don’t Let The RFID Opportunity Pass You By

    Item level RFID tagging can help retail operations run smoother, faster, and with more agility, so why are some retailers still waiting to get started? Some misconceptions have influenced retail executives’ views on RFID. Greater education and surfacing some basic facts about the technology’s scalability and return on investment (ROI) could be helpful to move any stalled conversations forward.

  7. Majority Of Business Not Fully Prepared For GDPR

    Despite a two-year grace window companies were allotted to prepare for GDPR compliance when the regulation was first approved in 2016, a recent survey study — GDPR Readiness Survey — shows very few are 100 percent compliant. In fact, the survey found only 29 percent of participants were actually aware of the GDPR; 44 percent said they were somewhat aware; and 29 percent said they were completely unaware.

  8. GDPR Is Coming And Retailers Need To Get Ready

    In 2017, over 8.1 million citizens of European Union countries visited the U.S. as tourists, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. It is reasonable to believe that while they were in the country, most of these tourists probably made some purchases at U.S. retailers. Some might have even seen an item they liked and then waited until returning home to order it online. In the past these purchases would have been just another customer but, starting at the end of the month — under certain circumstances — they could put a retailer at risk for fines.

  9. The Power Of The Platform: Why Marketplace Experiences Will Win The Retail Game

    One of the biggest challenges for any retailer still lies around how to break through the noise and get customers through “the door.” These days, it’s rarely a physical door. Thanks to millennials, everything comes down to one thing: The Experience.

  10. 2018 Will Be The Year Of AI And Voice Technology

    Study finds that 43 percent of consumers are willing to interact with AI via a voice-controlled device.