Retail Ops Industry Insights

  1. Over- And Under-Supplying Hurts Profits: A New Methodology To Help Retailers Improve Inventory Decisions

    With the madness of Black Friday and holiday shopping behind us, retailers are taking stock of inventory. Matching expensive supply to uncertain demand each holiday season — and beyond — remains a central problem they and their suppliers face.

  2. Retail & Store Flooring: Looking Sleek Without Compromising Durability

    Retail planning and design is as much art as science. It is all about creating an attractive, easy-to-navigate space that best shows off the merchandise while making the store an environment in which the shopper is comfortable and happy to spend time — even if “just looking around.” Successful design can encourage the person who stepped in for just one or two items to end up walking out with a full shopping bag.

  3. How Retailers Used Messaging To Gain An Advantage During The Holiday Shopping Season

    Retailers used messaging to effectively reach and re-engage their audience during the holiday season, but this is by no means a seasonal-only play. With people spending exponentially more time on mobile than at the mall, retailers hoping to get ahead in 2018 must consider messaging as an integral part of their mobile marketing strategy.

  4. Why The Future Of Retail Lies In Evolving Technology

    The future of retail belongs to those who reinvent their customer experience. It’s a belief that’s been borne out as true by the events of recent years, especially 2017. Research shows that in 2017, a year many in the media pessimistically dubbed the “retail apocalypse,” companies that embraced the latest technology and evolved with the new era in retail saw unprecedented success. They used a unified commerce approach to reach new levels in their business—showing the that the common wisdom about the direction of retail is not the real story.

  5. 4 Retail Logistics Trends That Will Impact You In 2018

    According to MasterCard SpendingPulse, U.S. retail spending — excluding automotive — was up 4.9 percent in 2017 compared to the same period last year. Some of the largest jumps were seen in electronics and appliances (up 7.5 percent), jewelry (up 5.9 percent), and home furnishings and home improvement (up 5.1 percent). A more optimistic consumer willing to spend led the charge for both online and in-store shopping. For retailers, lessons learned from previous holiday seasons were also applied. Assuming this momentum continues, following are four logistics trends you can expect to affect retail in the coming year.

  6. What’s In Store For 2018: Four Retail And Point-of-Purchase Industry Trends

    We’ve made another jog around the sun and look forward to what 2018 has in store for our industry. This past year, the expansion and fluidity of e-commerce has continued to challenge traditional retailers to reinvent their strategies of engaging customers.

  7. Millennials In Retail: The Real Deal @ Work

    Millennials make up one-third of today’s workforce so it’s important to understand this generation of employees to attract, nurture, and retain top talent. Their preferences and needs are increasingly impacting the work culture and effectiveness of retail. With the oldest millennials now in their late thirties, their presence is increasingly being felt throughout organizations — from early career roles to middle managers to leadership. The ability to understand the motivations of the millennial workforce is essential to building an effective culture that retains top talent and delivers for your customers. Here are a few tips to create a culture in your organization that will keep millennials engaged and reduce attrition.

  8. The “Ghost Economy” Of Christmas Past

    Another holiday peak season is in full swing and customers are buying goods faster than any other time during the year. Your staff is working hard, and putting in the extra hours to fulfill exponentially more orders than usual - if everything stays the course, your company could potentially bring in close to a third of its annual earnings for the year during this busy season alone.

  9. How To Get More From Your Remote Monitoring System

    Effective utilization of remote monitoring can improve your company’s employee productivity and compliance, reduce your losses, and maximize your investment in camera systems.

  10. 6 Tips To Prevent Cybercrime

    Much like with individuals, there are steps companies can take to prevent becoming prey to a criminal’s scams. Stores, online businesses, and merchants can stay privy to the crimes by remaining aware during this risky time of year.