Retail Ops Industry Insights

  1. #MeToo And You: Preventing And Investigating Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

    #MeToo — a viral hashtag that has become a rallying point for people denouncing sexual harassment and assault. If you’re wondering what you as an employer need to do to prevent and address sexual harassment at your company, read on!

  2. Cultivating A Culture Of Gender Harmony And Respect In Tech

    Reports show the gender gap has not decreased as studies confirm companies are struggling to retain female talent in tech roles and in general. That is not to mean women in technology do not exist; We are here and you can still find examples of large companies supporting women and making a commitment toward inclusion that brings hope for a larger influence of change. It is more a matter of how that change is cultivated.

  3. GDPR Is Coming And Retailers Need To Get Ready

    In 2017, over 8.1 million citizens of European Union countries visited the U.S. as tourists, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. It is reasonable to believe that while they were in the country, most of these tourists probably made some purchases at U.S. retailers. Some might have even seen an item they liked and then waited until returning home to order it online. In the past these purchases would have been just another customer but, starting at the end of the month — under certain circumstances — they could put a retailer at risk for fines.

  4. Create Authentic Connections With Global Teams

    Cross-functional teams offer much needed flexibility and agility in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Colleagues with diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives strengthen the fabric of a team, but getting geographically-dispersed teams to operate effectively can be difficult.

  5. The Power Of The Platform: Why Marketplace Experiences Will Win The Retail Game

    One of the biggest challenges for any retailer still lies around how to break through the noise and get customers through “the door.” These days, it’s rarely a physical door. Thanks to millennials, everything comes down to one thing: The Experience.

  6. How To Leverage Data To Create Personal Retail Experiences

    Whether traditional brick and mortar or online, retailers need insights to create the best possible customer experience. Leveraging data is key — here’s what to consider.

  7. The Virtual Marketplace Is Changing The Age-Old Rules Of Commerce

    There is something almost quaint about the word “marketplace.” It conjures up images of people hawking spices and fruit from busy stalls as pedestrians stroll past in a leisurely manner. Those days are almost entirely gone. Today’s consumers typically aren’t at a bazaar. Nor are they headed to a row of small shops on Main Street or driving out to the large suburban mall to window shop. Instead, an ever-increasing amount of the time, they are online.

  8. Staying Competitive With Empowered Consumers

    To build engagement and understand customers, you have to know who they are, what they want, and what’s important to them. The good news is, there is a lot of data to aid in this understanding.

  9. Confused About Blockchain And Cryptocurrency? Read On.

    Blockchain and cryptocurrency: the beloved buzzwords of the technology world. Due to their radical potential, these emerging technologies have been shrouded in doubt and confusion. Yet, even as awareness and adoption have steadily grown in recent years, many experts venture to call this silent revolution the fastest growing digital technology since the internet.

  10. Revolutionizing Retail: Expert Dana Telsey Shares Latest Trends

    For all the colossal change the retail industry has undergone in recent years, the retail revolution is only getting started, according to Dana Telsey, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Telsey Advisory Group (TAG). Thanks to changing consumer behavior and the new ways of purchasing, retail sales are continuing to grow, Telsey said at recent Grow Live events in New York and Los Angeles. With consumer confidence at a high, brands and retailers need to give consumers a reason to spend.