Retail Ops Industry Insights

  1. How Crowdsourced Delivery Will Change The Game For Retailers

    Historically, retailers have turned to employees or contractors to handle delivery across the supply chain. But that trend may end, or at the very least, be subsidized with a new type of home delivery service: crowdsourced shipping.

  2. How Warehouse Technology Improves The Online Shopping Experience

    In the age of e-commerce, customers expect their products to be delivered quickly and with accuracy. Staying up to date on supply chain management technology can be the gap between fulfilling orders at an average rate and delivering orders at the quick pace your customers crave.

  3. Changing Consumer Shopping And Delivery Behaviors – Insights And Recommendations

    North American consumers are exhibiting a shift in their shopping and delivery behaviors and preferences. What are the implications for e-commerce players? Following are additional insights and recommendations regarding what retailers can do to address consumers’ evolving desires and requirements to help drive conversions and customer loyalty.

  4. Transform Your Marketing Strategy With Mobile Deals

    As retailers adjust their marketing strategies to deliver deals via text, the customer’s purchasing journey will change forever. Here’s how.

  5. Urban Warehouses: The Key To Omni-Channel Success

    New, urban warehouses are the key to better serve today’s customers and enable retailers to keep up with the demands of the future.

  6. The New Digitally Transformed Store: A Hub For Technology Innovation

    The meaning of brick and mortar retailing has forever changed. However, if you can recall the trending topics from just a few years ago, the debate between retail apocalypse and retail renaissance was in full swing, with the majority of industry watchers touting that it was the end of the physical store as we know it. Today, while the store has definitely undergone a transformation, the metamorphosis has led to a new concept for the physical store – a hub for technology innovation.

  7. Do You Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Vendor-Funded Promotions?

    Do you look forward to or dread managing vendor-funded promotions in your retail business? They can be a great sales driver, but they also can be complicated and time-consuming to manage

  8. Understanding And Embracing The Future Of Work

    There are four dimensions of the future of work. Often interpreted as an end-state, the Future of Work is a transformational mindset and approach to enable the value-driven outcomes your business depends on. To approach business transformations holistically, leaders need to view them through four critical dimensions.

  9. The Retail Revolution Is Here: 5 Omnichannel Plays Retailers Must Improve To Stay Competitive

    Retailers not only need a strategy, but a means to continually evaluate, test, and refine their omni-channel experience across all channels. Here are the five key areas in which they can improve the omni-channel experience.

  10. Advice For Marketing To Retailers

    Jamie Gray is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing branding strategies for LOC Software, and he talks with Software Business Growth about how to – and how not to – market to retailers, channel partners, and more.