Retail Ops Industry Insights

  1. Portion Controlled Meat & Cheese Products As Value-Added Service

    Processors gain a competitive edge by providing QSR and grab n’ go deli establishments with ready to use, pre-sliced, interleaved portions of meat and cheese.

  2. Supercharging Retail Economics By Unlocking Workforce Value

    To the detriment of already shaky retail economics, statutory wage minimums are increasing at various rates across the country. This variation in state and municipal minimum wage rates creates challenges for retailers that operate across multiple states. While the outlook is good for employees, it is grim for employers, as the wage rates are set to increase radically over the next two years.

  3. Customer Loyalty — Your Most Important Business Success Metric

    Business is besieged with metrics. Return on Investment (ROI), website visits, website return visits, shopping cart abandonment rates, and average customer spend are all important and well used metrics to evaluate the success of a business. As with all business problems, everyone agrees that metrics are vitally important. What no one can agree on is which metrics are the most important. Until now.

  4. How Can Retail Executives Win The Same-Day Delivery Game?

    Retail executives are struggling in a changing world, with consumers that want their goods faster than ever before. It’s possible to fulfill delivery promises if you get your strategy right.

  5. The Retail Digital Era Is Here. Is Your Customer Service Ready?

    It’s predicted that by 2025 digital retail will account for $2.95 trillion in operating profits. Even with a number like that in play, some retailers continue to drag their feet on the realities of digital transformation. As more shoppers look online for some good ol’ retail therapy, how can retailers continue to meet customer needs when they’re not face-to-face?

  6. Retail Predictions For Boosting In-Store Sales
    We’ve all heard it before: If you can’t innovate, you’ll get disrupted. While there’s no magic crystal ball that will help retailers predict the future, there are expert opinions on what needs to be done to stay relevant in 2019. Here we’ll explore the top trends shaping the retail landscape in 2019, and how each of them has the potential to drive in-store sales.
  7. How Headless Commerce Stands To Put Retailers Miles Ahead

    An oncoming trend will change the way retailers build their online stores and experiences.

  8. Why Foreign Sellers Can’t Ignore The Rising Tide Of U.S. Sales Tax Obligations

    The rate at which states are issuing guidance is unprecedented. While this regulatory wave is dizzying for domestic sellers, it’s even more challenging for foreign outbound sellers who have limited U.S. operations and far fewer insights into American tax policy.

  9. How Small And Midsized Retailers Can Compete With The Big Brand Competitors

    As technological disruption and changing customer demands shake up the industry, retailers need to find future-proof ways to ensure their growth – and intelligent mobile applications play a crucial part in this.

  10. Delivery Data Is The Driving Force For Retail Customer Experience

    Retailers today face the daunting task of keeping up with Amazon in the race to meet customers’ increased delivery demands. Online shoppers have been trained to expect fast, free shipping and significant control over the delivery experience while logistics and supply chain teams struggle with increased complexity and rising costs.