Retail Ops Industry Insights

  1. Getting ERP Right The First Time: Achieve Your Goals While Avoiding Common Problems

    While sales are going strong, success rates for ERP programs are not. Gartner states that three quarters of ERP projects fail to meet their objectives. And, 40 percent cause major operational disruption after going live, according to Panorama Consulting’s 2015 ERP survey. Furthermore, 65 percent of ERP projects are over budget—and only 25 percent are completed on time. With numbers like that, it’s a simple leap to assume that ERP systems aren’t bringing value to the business.

  2. 5 Reasons Your Magento Store Couldn’t Handle The Black Friday Rush

    Black Friday 2018 once again surpassed last year’s e-commerce sales. But all the traffic can spell the end for many online retailers’ Black Friday dreams when their stores can’t handle the surge of visitors. Slow page load times and site crashes hinder many online stores’ sales and leave retailers seeing Black Friday as a missed opportunity instead of a day to celebrate.

  3. Transportation Firms Take A Different Approach To Alleviate Truck Order Backlog Entering 2019

    Truck procurement has been a major challenge for many private fleets and for-hire carriers this year. This challenge has been emphasized by the backlog of orders for Class-8 heavy-duty trucks, largely stemming from an American Economy that has been healthy and resilient ever since the Great Recession ended in 2010, and a dilapidated industry philosophy toward truck procurement which is now changing.

  4. It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year … For Online Security

    As retailers prepare for the final push of the biggest shopping season of the year, it’s not just sales at stake.

  5. Countdown To Compliance

    The EU’s GDPR has shown that every day counts when meeting privacy regulations – making the countdown to CCPA crucial to businesses.

  6. How To Create An Environment Of Success For Millennial Hourly Workers

    On one hand, this crop of workers is both enticing to employers while also remaining misaligned and misunderstood. As available talent that is navigating an unpredictable stable of jobs that lack some of the pillars of stability that enticed their parents -- things like pension plans, they are also changing the game with an entirely different value set.

  7. When Will I See You Again: Converting Holiday Shoppers Into Loyal Customers

    The National Retail Federation is projecting an almost 5 percent increase in holiday shopping sales this year, compared to a strong 2017. That represents more than a short-term opportunity for retailers. With many shoppers visiting brands they don’t normally frequent, holiday shopping can represent the only chance a retailer has to make an impression and begin to build the relationship that transforms one-time shoppers into year-long customers. Here are four ways retailers can make the most of that first impression.

  8. Want To Boost Holiday Sales? The Right Ultimate Product Visualization Guide Will Help

    It’s no secret that retailers and merchants look forward to this time of year as it is the most gratifying period in terms of sales. No doubt, lots of prep has gone into getting ready for customers to storm their online stores in order to get the best possible presents, but what else can be done?

  9. Your Customer’s Smartphone Has Omnichannel Superpowers: Harness This Power To Build The Future Of Retail

    We’re living in a mobile-first, omni-channel world. To be successful, brands and retailers need to adapt in ways that allow them to communicate effectively across the entire customer journey from pre-discovery to post-consumption. Time is of the essence because consumer attitudes and behavior have shifted in ways that make conventional approaches obsolete.

  10. AI And The Digital Disruption To Retail Merchandising

    While there are lots of techniques that fall under the definition of AI, the buzz lately has been overwhelmingly driven by advances in Machine Learning algorithms. So, when people are talking about AI transforming retail, what they usually are referring to are advances in machine learning unlocking huge value.