Retail Ops Industry Insights

  1. 6 Months Into The GDPR: Is Retail Ready?

    While early EU General Data Protection Regulation enforcement has focused on big tech companies, retailers can’t get comfortable. The law applies to all organizations processing consumer data of EU citizens, regardless of the company’s location or sector. In short, the GDPR has established unprecedented regulatory attention on companies, and retailers must understand their obligations and exposure to liability.

  2. Rise Of The Machines: What AI Means For The Sales Floor

    Everyone is buzzing about AI these days, as well as they should. Machines that “think” for us already are transforming how we work, play – and shop. McKinsey tells us that some 29 million U.S. homes used some form of smart technology last year, and that number is growing by over 30 percent a year.

  3. Hiring For The Holidays: 4 Key Areas To Focus On For In-Store Success

    Store teams — composed of lots of new faces during the holidays — can make or break shoppers’ brick and mortar experience. In a recent national study we conducted at Square Root, shoppers shared the four key areas that most influence both their brand perception and buying behavior. Here’s how brands can better empower their teams on the front lines to ensure in-store success throughout this holiday season and into 2019.

  4. 4 Ways To Relieve Customer Stress This Holiday Season (And Strengthen Service!)

    Given consumers holiday angst, there are timely steps that retailers can take to create and enhance a solid relationship with customers. Here are some tips that your customers will appreciate during the rush of the holidays — and are likely to pay off in increased consumer loyalty in the New Year.

  5. Revealing The 3 Most Common Misconceptions About GDPR And Data Processing

    The GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulation) passed in the European Union (EU) in May of 2018 and is one of the most popular topics of discussion amongst businesses who may or may not conduct business on an international level. Time and time again, businesses and even media publications have stated that GDPR isn’t important to them, simply because they’re either “not affected” or “not governed” by these regulations. Many hold the perception that GDPR only applies to those in the EU, or those who manage business directly in the EU. There is a misconception that the GDPR does not apply to businesses who do not offer goods or services to EU consumers, or process personal EU data. However, in all these scenarios, the GDPR rules and regulations still apply.

  6. ‘Tis The Season To Be A Cyber Criminal: Why 2018 Might Be The Most Dangerous Holiday Shopping Season Yet

    As millions of consumers prepare for the upcoming holiday shopping season, cyber criminals are simultaneously preparing for what could be their biggest breach season yet. Just removed from Cyber Monday, data breaches have escalated to record highs in the retail industry, and with the holidays right around the corner, retailers and their consumers are at major risk.

  7. Holiday Tech Winners And Losers: ’Tis The Season For Mobile, Not Voice

    As shopping peaks ahead of the New Year, voice-enabled commerce may not live up to hype, but mobile commerce certainly will.

  8. Better Together: Capture Omni-channel Shoppers With Online And Offline Strategies

    With the high demand for convenient and experiential shopping environments, today’s customers are omni-channel shoppers, meaning they will tap both online and offline retailers to complete their shopping. Often they’ll first search online and then check a product out in store before making a purchase – or they’ll buy certain things exclusively online, while others are in-store purchases only. By joining forces, brick-and-mortar and online retail teams can meet the emerging needs of customers seeking an integrated and seamless experience—allowing growth and profitability for brands. Retailers that can provide a unique and well-planned omni-channel experience will capture the attention and purchases of today’s busy and demanding shoppers.

  9. Your Business’ Holiday Season Revenue And Employee Morale Could Depend On The Accuracy Of Your CRM

    The holiday season represents as much as 30 percent of annual sales for retailers, according to the National Retail Federation. This enormous percentage of revenue over the span of approximately two months makes it crucial for businesses to use accurate customer relationship management (CRM) data to effectively reach and communicate with customers. Otherwise, retailers are subject to falling short on their annual sales goals, and even worse, harming their reputation in the process.

  10. The Next Big Retail Disruptor: What You Need To Know About Product Experience Management

    Many brick-and-mortar retailers are yet to recover from the first online retail revolution, and another is already underway.