Retail Ops Industry Insights

  1. Mobile Shopping And Modern IT: Preparing Retailers For The Holiday Season

    Retail’s shift to mobile is revolutionizing the consumer experience. However, this revolution will come to a halt without proper support from a modern IT team.

  2. 3 Surprising Findings From The EPC/RFID Retail Supply Chain Data Exchange Study

    Whether you’re investing in experiential store concepts or extending e-commerce capabilities, one thing is for sure—the retail industry is undergoing a serious evolution, driven by the unique demands of today’s consumer. It’s never been more important to have whatever the consumer wants on the shelf (digital or physical) at the exact time that he or she needs it.

  3. The Shopping Annuity: Could This Change The Way E-Commerce Works?

    People today can buy almost anything online from anywhere in the world. With massive store closings, the world is moving at a fast pace toward online sales for every category imaginable. To no one’s surprise, entrepreneurs have been busily developing online business models that can attract a significant user base to earn revenue. The key to building a successful online business model, however, requires a roadmap and the right travel guide who knows how to avoid the inevitable pitfalls. Founder and CEO of both Market America and SHOP.COM, JR Ridinger, says he has spent years constructing such a roadmap and has been acting as the travel guide for a business model he calls the Shopping Annuity.

  4. 3 Ways Retailers Can Use Customer Service As A Competitive Advantage During The Holidays

    Holiday shopping marks the ‘golden quarter’ for retailers, making customer service even more important than ever. And with retailers often competing to offer the most competitive prices, it is increasingly important to deliver strong customer service as a brand differentiator. By following these three steps, retailers can turn an often-overwhelming time for both customer service representatives and consumers into a positive, brand building experience, converting bargain hunters into loyal customers year-round.

  5. 5 Steps To Designing A Successful Omni-channel Strategy

    In today’s technology-infused world, the ability to connect directly with the customer and create a seamless experience can truly make or break a company. With the rise of digitization and social media, customers expect personalized service tailored to their exact needs, no matter when or where they reach out. In order to increase sales in this ever-changing environment, retailers must focus on acquiring new customers, retaining current customers, and selling more to existing customers. In all three cases, the customer is in control, which is why the most successful retailers will offer their customers more flexible shopping options, personalized interactions and a cohesive experience across all channels.

  6. 3 Keys To Meeting The Evolving Expectations Of Holiday Workers

    The winter holiday season just keeps getting longer. For retailers, turning on the merry music and decking stores with festive furnishing is the easy part of the year-end shopping season. It’s quickly staffing up and properly training seasonal workers for an influx of customers that is an annual challenge.

  7. For Retailers, Happy Holidays Means Never Having To Be Offline

    Most U.S. retailers count on nearly 70 percent of their annual sales from the last three months of the year, leaving little or no room for downtime. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday nearly upon us, it is imperative for modern retailers to stay connected to their customers, data centers, and the cloud.

  8. mPOS Terminals Industry To See Good Times Ahead

    With the gradual replacement of hard cash with virtual currency in an era of digital disruption, mobile POS terminals market has rapidly gained traction in the electronics space. One of the most prominent drivers responsible for the growth of this vertical is the increasing realization among businesses that using cash is a highly expensive option. Businesses, especially those in the tight margin retail industry, have come to realize how cost efficient mPOS terminals can be in addition to contributing toward a more fulfilling customer experience.

  9. Vendor Management: The Key To Operational Success

    Most businesses use vendors in some form or fashion. Whether it is the small coffee shop that has a vendor that delivers goods from the distributor or a multi-national healthcare company that has thousands of vendors, the success of the vendor relationship is key to the success of these businesses. How companies manage these vendor relationships can be fraught with peril if not properly executed and managed. This article will attempt to set forth some of the key areas that I have found in successful vendor relationships in my work over the years.

  10. The Best Retailers Are Leveraging These Experiential Trends On Black Friday

    Retail is evolving––and Black Friday might be the ultimate yardstick. For many retailers, the chance to drive sales via big discounts dominates their holiday marketing strategy. But the most enterprising retailers are treating Black Friday like much more than a shot at boosting their in-store sales: they’re treating it like a unique opportunity to welcome consumers to connect with their brand in meaningful and memorable ways.