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  1. How Retailers Who Connect Their Value Stream Network Can Thrive In The Age Of Software

    While retailers map out their omni-channel and digital strategy, a troubling trend is emerging. The digital transformations intended to stem the tide and allow established retailers to compete in the Age of Software are either moving too slowly or failing. Yet the rate of change in digital platforms, as evidenced by companies like Amazon and Alibaba, is progressing at such speeds that moving slowly is not an option for survival. The problem lies in the way most established retailers are approaching transformation.

  2. Racing To The Cloud: It’s Not A Marathon Or A Sprint, It’s About Being Smarter

    For most companies, getting everything to the cloud is no longer a goal, in and of itself. Instead, it has become a long, multi-year objective requiring more than just a technological change. Transitioning to cloud technologies requires businesses to institute cultural changes.

  3. Why Timely Service Is Essential To Developing Customer Loyalty

    The approach can vary from business to business, but well-timed service is always central to an organization’s customer loyalty and growth strategy.

  4. Bending The Cost Curve: Are Retailers Leaving Chips On The Table?
    Don't walk away from a process improvement project until you have put financial value around the expected gain and tied that back to your organization's key financial metrics. When you score a winning hand, use these methods to ensure that all those chips make it into your pocket.
  5. Maximize Sales During The School Shopping Period By Avoiding Back-To-School Syndrome

    The challenge retailers face during the back-to-school shopping period is navigating how to attract infrequent customers and capitalize on the opportunity for increased sales — without allowing those sales to come at the expense of a poorer experience for “regular customers” who form the backbone of the business over the course of a full year. If you aren’t careful, the sales gains you achieve during back-to-school shopping can come at the expense of diminished revenues over the long-term with your most loyal customers.

  6. Every Board Needs A Chief Data Officer – Here’s Why

    The role of the Chief Data Officer isn’t new but it needs a refresh in our new, digital-first transformative age. Today, Chief Data Officer should play a role on the operating committee and board level by making sure businesses meet growing data privacy and global regulatory regulations, driving the transition to monetizing data, and using emerging technology to protect the business and the network of consumers/partners. Dave Richards, Principal, Advisory Consumer Products & Retail at EY, recently took time to discuss this, Future Consumer Now, and more with Retail Operations Insights.

  7. Discovering The Gold In Candidates Requires Changes In Recruiting

    As work in general becomes increasingly specialized, organizations are focusing more on candidates with the specific skills needed to compete in the global marketplace. In other words, they are less concerned with who someone is and more focused on what they can do. This change, of course, is a challenge for recruiters since many candidates have not come to this realization yet. Recruiters still receive reams of traditional resumes which force them to dig through mountains of glowing but irrelevant language to find the gold they need.

  8. 3 Ways Your Store Associates Can Drive Sales

    How do smart retailers keep up with the rigors of merchandising while ensuring customer service doesn’t fall through the cracks? Here are three ways to give your sales associates the support they need to create and maintain beautiful displays that increase sales in retail.

  9. Create Authentic Connections With Global Teams

    Cross-functional teams offer much needed flexibility and agility in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Colleagues with diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives strengthen the fabric of a team, but getting geographically-dispersed teams to operate effectively can be difficult.

  10. Is Retail Out Of The Woods?

    In 2017, the U.S. retail industry experienced unprecedented turbulence and many in the industry see more challenges to come in 2018. The impact of Amazon and other online retailers has disrupted how retailers do business and reach consumers. Store closings have reached record levels. Numerous large, well-known retail companies have filed for bankruptcy, restructured, and in many cases closed down their businesses. The continuing evolution of shoppers creates new demands on retailers that impact all aspects of the business, from stores to backstage operations to information technology and supply chain capabilities — including home delivery. The disruption continues to drive concern with investors, creditors, industry analysts, and — most of all — companies themselves.